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Company Profile in Brief

Donjoy Technology CO.,LTD founded in 1993, specilized in Sanitary Valve ,Pump, Pipe Fittings R&D, design, manufacture.

Factory covers an area of 29,000㎡,has international leading processing technology and manufacturing equipment, such as Mazak CNC four-axis, five axis machning center, Fanuc robot production line, and various international leading testing equipment.

Sanitary Valve, Pump, Pipe Fitting meet US 3-A,FDA, Euro CE(PED,MD), ASME BPE Standard.

Scale Advantages

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Who is Donjoy Technology

Donjoy Technology founded in 1993, is the very first sanitary valve, pump manufacturer in China. The founder is our boss Mr.Xiang guangping and Mr.Xiang guangwu bother, our boss is also as our technical engineer, company first butterfly valve is invented by Mr.Xiang guangping. The factory covers an area of 29,000 square meters, with more than 300 employers, 30+ R&D staffs, bring in international leading technology and production equipment e.g. Mazak CNC four-axis, five-axis machine, compound cutting machine, FANUC robot production line etc. Depend on our high technology, cost-effective price, good after-sale service. We earn customers from worldwide, one of our customer in Africa told us that they have been using our pump for more than 8 years, no need to change.

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction. 

Donjoy product line includes:

Donjoy Sanitary valve: butterfly valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, shutoff valve, diverter valve, mixproof valve, check valve, pressure relief valve, sampling valve, angle seat valve, tank bottom valve…

Donjoy Sanitary pump: centrifugal pump, rotary lobe pump, twin screw pump, impeller pump, self-priming pump, homogenizer emulsification pump, mixing pump

Donjoy Valve control head: think top, valve positioner, on/off valve control head, valve position sensor.

Donjoy Tank cleaning equipment: fixed spray ball, rotary spray ball, 360-degree rotary jet head

Donjoy Sight glass: union sight glass, straight through sight glass, flange sight glass, four-way sight glass

Donjoy Sanitary manway: pressure manway, non-pressure manway, round manway, square manway

Donjoy Pipe fittings: ASME BPE pipe, 3A pipe, ferrule, clamp, union, elbow, tee, reducer.

Donjoy Filter: straight filter, y type filter, L type filter, double filter

Donjoy Product application:
Donjoy Technology product widely uses in food processing, beverage, brewing, dairy, daily chemical, personal care, biopharmaceutical industries.

Donjoy Technology Certification:
Donjoy Technology complies with ASME BPE, EHEDG, US FDA and 3-A standard, Also passed the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) and (MD-06/42/EC) issued by the German TÜV organization; the 3-A health standard certification issued by the 3-A organization; EU explosion-proof certification: ATEX certification covers all series of the valve control head, valve positioner, valve feedback devices. China Safety Valve Special Manufacturing Equipment (TS) License, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and Quality Management System Certification (ISO9001:2015) and many other international authoritative certifications.

The benefit of working with Donjoy Technology

  • We manufacture sanitary valve, pump and pipe fittings for 28years, which means we have rich experience, updated and optimized sanitary valve through generations, we solve the problem in advance, with premium quality.
  • Donjoy Technology factory covers an area of 29000 square meters, with more than 300 employers, provide stable production capacity.
  • With more than 200 patents, we have our own design and creativity to keep our products updated.
  • With more than 100 international certificates to ensure the products meet the sanitary standard.
  • Provide the best service and maximum support for customers, whatever before sales or after-sales.

Donjoy Technology Sales Team in Exhibition

Donjoy Technology sales team

Customer Visit Donjoy Technology

Customer visit Donjoy Technology

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