7 Tips for Choosing a Sanitary Valve or Pump Manufacturer in China

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Date of establishment

To see the date of establishment is important, if the manufacturer only has a short history, the product might not be tested enough by the market. Long time experience of production and long time tested by the market helps to solve the problem in advance.

A manufacturer stands in the market for a long period, especially experienced by COVID-19, a good manufacturer must be proved by time. Some newly-established manufacturers in China, offer attractive prices, want to earn quick money, but you never know what about the next year, when you met the problem of the product, you can’t find the manufacturer anymore,

Product certification

It’s the simple and best way to certify the product quality is certification. The sanitary valve and pump require a high standard to use in a hygienic environment, food, beverage, dairy, daily chemical industries. In the United State market, it requires 3-A, FDA food-grade certification. And CE PED 2014/68/EU and MD-06/42/EC is the pressure equipment directive, it certifies the valve and pump works safety during usage. ISO19001 certification is a basic certification for a manufacturer to control the quality.

Scale of manufacturer

The production area, production equipment, number of employees are significant for a manufacturer to ensure stable quality and delivery time to meet customer’s needs. To have enough production process not only assembly at the end, have the complete production chain, only in this way you could control the whole quality. And ensure to produce many types of products. A small production area and fewer employees mean you can’t control the whole quality.

Customer Service

Customer service is often overlooked, but the essential point, it not just refer to the guaranteed time, some company sales only cares about before sales, when after-sales they would ignore their own problem and blame the problem on your misoperation. But please note, for some quick-wear parts e.g. elastomer, O-ring, mechanical seal fit to valves and pumps, it not in the warranty coverage. We suggest buying the elastomer, O-ring and mechanical seal with the product together.

Test with samples

Test with samples is a good way to start a business relationship with a new company to see the quality, delivery time if it is fit for your business if the manufacturer could support your business.

Visit the facility in person

Visit the facility in person, to have an intuitive sense, to see the scale, employee, to see the production process, to see the scale, employee and test process before shipment, you can verify the authenticity if it is a real manufacturer or only trader.

The benefit of working with Donjoy

  • 1. Donjoy Technology founded in 1993, is the very first sanitary valve, pump manufacturer in China, produce sanitary valve, pump and pipe fittings for more than 29years, which means we have rich experience, updated and optimized sanitary valve and pipe through generations, we solve the problem in advance, with premium quality.
  • 2. Donjoy Technology factory covers an area of 29000 square meters, with more than 300 employers, provide stable production capacity, ensure great quality.
  • 3. With more than 200 patents, we have our own design and creativity to keep our products updated.
  • 4. With more than 100 international certificates to ensure the products meet the international sanitary standard.
  • 5. Donjoy cooperation with famous world brand e.g. Unilever, P&G, Colgate, Budweiser, Coca Cola, Nestle, Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer… our quality is approved from our customers.
  • 6. Provide the best service and maximum support for customers, whatever before sales or after-sales.
Donjoy Technology factory
Donjoy Technology factory
Donjoy Technology factory
Donjoy Technology factory
Donjoy Technology Sample Room
Donjoy Technology Sample Room

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