Viscosity Comparison Guide

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To choose the right pump, normally we need to know the fluid viscosity, but if we don’t have Viscometer, please check this video to estimate the viscosity.

This video is a simple guide to the different viscosity (thickness) of everyday products. This guide is useful for gauging the viscosity of the product you are mixing, all products shown in this video can be processed using a Silverson mixer. All the samples were tested in the Silverson Laboratory using a Brookfield LDV-E Viscometer.

Viscosity can be expressed in several ways, but centipoise (cP) is widely used and generally accepted by most engineers and pump manufacturers because it factors in the specific gravity of the fluid.

Centipoise (cP) – A unit of measure for dynamic fluid viscosity. It is the kinematic viscosity of a fluid (in centistokes) multiplied by the density of the fluid.

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