Rotary lobe pump working principle

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Rotary cam pump description

The rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump. Also called a rotary lobe pump or rotary cam pump. The pump left cam is driven by the shaft and the right cam is mounted on the shaft and driven by the gear. The two cams rotate synchronously without interfering with each other. A certain volume of solution can be removed while the pump is operating. The picture below shows how the rotary pump works.

rotary lobe pump working principle
rotary lobe pump working principle

A.when the lobe rotate,increased distance of two lobes cause space at the suction end to increase thereby causing a partial vacuum to draw fluid into the pump chamber.

B. According to principle of shaft rotation, each lobe consecutively feed air, to bring fluid to transfer end, Gaps between two lobes and between lobe and wall of pump body are duly filled.

C.After pump housing is completely filled, fluid esccapes through lobes. This completes entire working process pump.

The animation for rotary lobe pump working principle

Donjoy rotary lobe pump working principle animation

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