Valve Control TOP C-TOP-2221

Donjoy Valve Control Unit C-TOP-1721 is a straight-stroke pneumatic valve control unit designed for valve process control. It‘’s compatible with most PLC (programmable logic controller) automation systems with digital communication or bus communication (AS- I BUS). Including position feedback output, three-segment LED display, anti-leak function, valve opening and closing control, etc., It used to control all types of process valves. It can be installed on various pneumatic valves, e.g. pneumatic butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves, angle seat valves, globe valves, reversing valves, mixing proof valves, etc.

Details about Valve Control TOP C-TOP-2221


Communication support





PNP DC 24V & 4-20mA


automatic & manual

Power supply

DC 24V ± 10%

Air pressure

5.0-7.0Bar (suggest)

Protect class



EU ATEX explosion-proof II 3 G Ex ic IIC T6 Gc

DONJOY Valve Control TOP C-TOP-2221 Description:

Donjoy C-TOP-2211 is a new pneumatic control head, designed for valve process control, it is compatible with most PLC or DCS system
(programmable logic controller) automation system, with digital communication. Includes signal transmission, position indicator, and valve control for controlling all types of process valves. With many versions and supports PNP signal, DCS, IO-Link, AS- I BUS.

DONJOY valve control technology has a history of over 20 years in research and development and manufacturing and has been updated and iterated to the fourth generation. At the same time, a full series of valve control technologies have been formed, including valve control units, valve position feedback devices, and valve positioners:

Valve Control TOP C TOP 2221

CTOP-2221 Version Description

CTOP 2221 Version Description

Valve control head C-TOP-2221 features

C-TOP-2221 is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof design with an ATEX certificate

-Single key automatic setting
-Valve anti-leakage function
-Valve fault feedback function
-Different valve positions display different colors of LED lights
-Signal feedback: PNP NPN passive contact 4-20mA
-Bus communication: |0-Link; AS-IV3.0
-Power supply: DC24V ±10%
-Stroke: 60mm;30mm
-The precision of valve position can be set on site: 0.2mm, 0.5mm,1mm,2mm,3mm
-High and low color can be set on site

C-TOP-2221-PNP Specification

Input: Digital PNP DC 24V
Output: Digital  PNP DC 24V

C-TOP-2221-DCS Specification

Input: Digital signal DC 24V+(PNP)
Output: Digital  signal NPN or PNP (The specific parameters depend on the common input)

C-TOP-2221-IO-Link Specification

I0-Link V1.1 Interface communication

C-TOP-2211-I0-link controller is a pneumatic control head mounted on the top of a pneumatic valve actuator, it is compatible with the l0-link interface master station with international standards, it includes signal transmission, LED position light Display, valve opening and closing control and other functions. The colour and position accuracy of the position LED light can also be reset through the IODD document according to the user’s working conditions or preferences. The setting method is very simple. “PC or PLC combined with 1ODD file description” can be achieved.

IO Link Connection Diagram

C-TOP-2221-AS-I Specification

Input: AS-I 3.0 interface

Output: AS-I 3.0 interface

AS-I is a kind of field bus system. It could interconnect the controller, and binary sensor (subordinate device) with the control equipment of an upper computer (master control). The connection is conducted to communicate by a flat cable which supplies power to the solenoid valve and sensor.

AS-I connection diagram

AS I connection diagram


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